How to manifest and how I have found Manifestation to work.

To truly create anything in this world, we need to be able to visualize it in our minds. That’s how to manifest something. After we hold the vision in our minds, we can start to act on things that bring that vision to us. This section will cover the basics of how to manifest and how things are formed in the world.

Create any vision in your mind that you want, be it anything it doesn’t have to be positive, it will work.

First, we want to focus on imagination, believing, and acting towards that which we wish to manifest. The first thing that you should do in this process is to spend a lot of time purely thinking about whatever you wanted to manifest, just imagine it, feel it, etc.

how to manifest

Visualize your vision in your dream, journal, or your imagination, also try taking photos or vision boards of your dream.

Write or journal constantly about your visions, move them around mentally, act like a creator who is creating their vision right before you.

The word Buddha means one who is awake. You will see the world in a whole new way to really exist in that state, what you imagine you created, did, or will find.

To learn how to manifest, and make a strong visualization, it is important to focus and explore and really make your soul feel it, and fully believe, that what you have created, what you will find, or what you do, it already exists. If you visualize something that doesn’t already exist, it should make you more eager to manifest it because you have already envisioned it.

Learning how to manifest takes patience to create things, nothing happens when we just wait for it to come to us.

We must act consciously towards the things we want.

  • Act as if you created it.
  • Act as if you have it.
  • Act as if it will become real.

Just believing in your dreams is a major step towards creating them, doing so, is to us, waking up, and acting consciously.

Your mind is a powerful tool, but if we don’t focus it on the right place our dreams and visions will fade and failure to begin is failure to finish. Focus your mind and begin. Learning how to manifest starts with the beginning and you are doing that now just by reading this article.

Another important part of manifesting is to understand cognition, which is something that we cannot always control, like habits, emotions, decisions, logical reasoning, etc., but something we can learn to control. Our cognition can be broken down into two parts.

“The knowledge of quantity or number, and that of reasoning, as distinguished from imagination or feeling.”

Everything we think or talk about will have some quantitative or reasoning element in it, even if is, emotion or imagination-based.

So, when we are deciding, creating a vision, doing something, or making decisions about ourselves, it is particularly important to be aware of this, so that we can keep our own intentions pure. If we really want to do something, act like it, honestly think, and feel it.

The most important part of this step is making sure that our thoughts and desires are coming from a pure space, we want to fully believe in our visions and dreams, and not let ourselves talk ourselves out of them.

We can always return to our pure intentions later, but the real work is to begin by believing in all the reality and beauty that we want to see in the world. It is important not to forget this step, it is more important and can be more effective than just focusing on our dreams alone, this is where people will really struggle.

Believing fully in ourselves, our dreams, our love, and the world, are all part of creating simplicity, if we believe deeply in what we are hoping for, then we have already succeeded.

The final major step on how to manifest is the effortless execution of our organized plan and preparation. There is really no skill that is more important than this one, nothing will influence the execution of your visions more than your ability to take what you’ve prepared for and turn it into physical action.

We are always thinking of multiple things at one time, constantly. I am sure you are aware of that, if not, you’re missing something. I try to be fully aware of what I’m doing and recognize when my thoughts take me somewhere else doing this puts a stop to the automatic responses we have and gives us space to respond from a different place within us.


The main thing here is to recognize what actions you take really count and are leading you towards your vision, and what things are distracting you from your visions.

Many of us have traits or habits which we cannot always control. If they aren’t positive and destructive, we do not need to edit them, but we must realize which ones are negative and unpleasant habits in the future, so we can stop them when they start consuming or distracting us.

If you can schedule a time to sit down and do something, you have found free time. If you lose focus and slip into your negative habits from time to time, that is perfectly acceptable. Frustration and perfectionism are huge killers of dreams, I don’t blame any dreams which die because of those things.

So, I hope this was helpful, this was not meant to cover everything, it is ideas and thoughts compiled from several years of experience. If anything is unclear, please take the time to reach out to me.

Nothing was created without having been imagined first. If you want to learn advanced 3, 6, 9 manifestation methods watch this video I prepared for you:

What do you envision for yourself? let me know in the comments. Also, view the other related articles I share below.

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